This service is only in Lahore, Pakistan. This is a shopping website for computers and video games and related electronics products.Thank you for visiting us. 

Here you'll find our business policy with our customers and visiters. Please find the detail below.


If you are a customer:

You have control only over your profile. You can change your profile. You can buy products and view your purchase record.

You will claim any warranty in company's office and we will guide you to them.

If you have been delievered a product that is different from the one you ordered then it is totally refundable unless you don't open its packing or seal is not broken.

Our delivery man will deliver products at your home or office.

You are able to register any complain within 10 working days after purchase of the product.

If you are a visiter:

you can freely browse through the website and you can see products and offers.

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